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23cL001 23cL002 23cL00323c-m10-1-12.5[1]23c-npt1-8-27
23CL series of bourdon tube pressure gauges
Character: Aluminum alloy casing, economic price. The casing is surface treated to avoid chemical reaction with copper valves. Has same appearance with 23C series. 304 stainless steel bourdon tube, big indicating angle of the pointer due to the high elasticity of the material. Work at temperature from -30℃ to 60℃ The material does not fatigue after subject to 1000 pressure cycle test. Laser welding of the bourdon tube ensures excellent leakage resistance, and will not leak under a pressure 6 times of the working pressure. The window is made from unbreakable PC plastic. The indication is accurate and distinct for reading.

Indication Accuracy:

Beginning of the green zone: +1bar

End of the green zone: ±0.6bar

Working Pressure: ±0.5bar

Various threads are available for choice. For special threads, we also can supply if order quality is sufficient.


Various dials are available for choice. For special dials, we also can supply if order quality is sufficient.


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